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Are you looking to add value to your property? There are several options when it comes to home improvement, and your backyard is a fantastic place to start.

Consider adding an outdoor living space. With an outdoor improvement such as a patio or a deck, you can not only increase the chances of selling your home but you can sell it quicker and for more.

Buyers appreciate such features. After all, they won’t have to make any renovations to the house they’ve just purchased.

Adding an outdoor feature like a patio will add an additional selling point to your property, allowing you to raise your selling price.

How much value does a patio add to your property?

Outdoor patios are a cost-effective home improvement. They are typically cheaper than a deck but command 100% resale value.

In short, you can expect to recover your investment. That’s something you can’t say for all renovation projects!

However, it’s important to note that only certain patios have such resale value. The important point to remember is to make the right amount of improvements without going overboard, in which case, you will only end up losing money when you sell your property.

Most homeowners prefer a big backyard with lots of grass and landscaping features. In that light, a small patio is better than a large one. Patios can be made of brick, concrete, flagstones, hardwood or tile.

However, the cheapest option, which is concrete, will deliver maximum resale value. Adding pergolas and outdoor lighting can also deliver good returns while improving the space.

Don’t Build the Patio Yourself

If you are thinking of taking the DIY route, think again! Building a patio is no mean feat. If your DIY project goes awry in any way, big problems can show up such as a mismatched mosaic of materials or unlevel stones.

While DIY patio installation can sound exciting, it can quickly go sideways. As a company specialising in patio services, we have seen them all including patios added onto patios, patios added on different pavers, patios added next to slabs near pavers, and more.

If you don’t get the base of the patio right, the pavers may stand out and look uneven.

If you don’t have ample experience using a masonry saw, plate compactor and landscaping nails, consider calling in the experts!

Patio Services in LeedsĀ 

For professional patio services in Leeds, contact Dalesway Paving. With years of experience in patio installation, we deliver the best value for your money. Call 01943 468 358 now.

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