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Looking to add outdoor living space to your home? Patios are a wonderful option. If you are looking for more information about patios, you are in luck. With years of experience building patios in Leeds, Harrogate and Bradford, we are here to help you understand all about patios in this brief guide.

What is a Patio?

Patio is derived from the Spanish word patio, which means back garden or backyard. Traditionally, the patio is the open inner court of a Spanish home. In general usage, it can describe any outdoor living area that usually adjoins a home, used for entertaining, dining or relaxation.

A patio might or might not have roofs or covers and are normally paved areas between the garden and the house. A patio can be made of brick, concrete, flagstone, stone, pavers or gravel.

Types of Patios

The type and shape of patio you choose to install will depend a lot on the location. Other aspects like the size of your lot, the architectural style of your property, the purpose of the outdoor living space and your budget will also have an influence.

  • Detached or Freestanding Patios – These patios are ideal for larger homes or ones featuring attractive gardens and landscaping. If you want a quiet space away from the activity and noise of the rest of your house, a detached patio will afford a quick escape.
  • Multilevel patio – If your property is built on a large lot or slope, a multilevel patio will make for a grand addition. Typically connected by paths or steps, these patios offer extravagant space for you to relax and entertain.
  •  L-Shaped or U-Shaped Patios – These patios typically hug the exterior of a house and can be accessed from some of the rooms. These allow for a natural transition from indoors to outdoor and are very simple to design and build.
  • Wrap-around Patio – A wrap-around patio wraps around the house, usually attached to the sides or back of a property. Taking up a lot of outdoor space, a wraparound patio can add additional living space to your home.
  • Entry patio – Whether you want to replace the front lawn or enjoy the front view with some privacy, entry patios offer the perfect solution, adding some brilliant living space at the front of your home.


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