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“Is it possible to lay my driveway in winter?”

That’s a common question we get from clients. And our answer is: “absolutely”! Laying your driveway certainly calls for specific conditions but there’s nothing stopping you from getting your driveway done during the winter months so long as it is laid per the required parameters.

In short, your driveway can be laid all around the year.

Our driveway installation service operates year-round (except of course during bad weather). This means that while your driveway project may be delayed but never more than a day or two days at best. The only major snowfall would be the only deterrent.

Driveways fail not because they are installed in winter. They fail when the groundwork is poorly done. Our experienced driveway installers will prepare the surface properly before laying your driveway or path. So long as the surface is excavated and prepared properly, your driveway can be laid in West Yorkshire during winter.

An experienced driveway installer in Leeds will take the time to measure the driveway area and evaluate the moisture in the ground and air before even beginning the installation work. He will also check the dew point whilst making sure the temperature stays above 5 degrees celsius while the driveway is curing.

Although the weather has a huge say on the way the driveway cures, the curing time could be controlled and manipulated with the help of a catalyst product to speed up the process. So if you are installing your driveway during summer, it will need far less catalyst and when installed in winter, it will take more catalyst to ensure correct curing.

When it comes to projects that call for preparatory work, the winter months can prove to be difficult as the temperature has a direct impact on the way the project is completed. If the temperature falls below 5 degrees celsius, installing the concrete becomes difficult as it will not cure correctly and the tarmac will cool sooner, making it difficult to spread the concrete properly.

However, that’s not a huge concern when you are working with professional contractors. What’s more, you benefit from seasonal offers and discounts in these quiet months. So long as the work is guaranteed, you can go ahead with getting your driveway done during winter.

Looking to get your driveway installed in winter?

Contact Dalesway Paving today. We are taking bookings for driveway installations across West Yorkshire including Leeds, Bradford and Harrogate. Trust our experienced team to complete your driveway project and ring into the New Year in style!

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