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A dropped kerb is a very common sight in residential areas. Also known as pavement crossover, vehicle access or driveway access, a dropped kerb allows you to access your driveway from the road. It creates a safe way to park your car off the road whilst also adding value to your home.

A dropped kerb is created by creating a dip in the path and strengthening it so it can take the load of vehicles passing over it. It is illegal to drive over a pavement without an authorised dropped kerb, as it could damage the footway or other utility apparatus buried underneath.

You must file an application with your local council for a dropped kerb. Here are the steps you must follow when applying for a dropped kerb in Leeds:

Check the Criteria for Application

  • Your driveway must have ample space to construct a hard standing within your property’s boundary to gain access from the road. The parking area should be a minimum of 2.5m wide and 5m deep.
  • If your home was formerly a council property, you must obtain permission from your local housing office.
  • If the crossing is to be accessed from a road that’s A, B or C classified (for instance, the A58), or it passes over a parcel of land that’s not owned by the highways department, you must get Planning permission. You call them at 0113 222 4409.
  • If the proposed crossing will come in the way of an existing street lamp or telephone pole or other utilities, it will be moved by the utility company who may charge you for it.
  • If the street is part of the council permit scheme, you must apply for a permit. You can email the Network Management by clicking here.
  • If the proposed dropped kerb is in the way of a tree, you must get in touch with the Forestry department. You can reach them at 0113 395 7400.

Apply for an Inspection

Once you are sure that your property passes the criteria for a dropped kerb, you must request an inspection. You can apply online here.

Pay the Fees

Once your application has been received, the highways Inspector will get in touch with you and create a request for the inspection fee of £41.20.

The council will schedule an inspection and if they find everything is in order, you will get a written consent to construct a dropped kerb.

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