How to Get Your Garden Ready for Autumn?

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With the summer giving way to cooler days, it’s time to get your garden ready for the autumn season. Sure, your garden may not be full of colourful blooms and green vegetation like in the summer months. You can still create a stunning space with some planning and care. Here are some of our top tips to turn your garden into a cosy autumn haven.

Take Care of the Lawn

Your lawn would do well with a good cut before the chilly, wet weather arrives. If the grass gets too long, cutting it in the cold winter months can become extremely difficult.

Next, get rid of the thatch, which is a build-up of grass, dead leaves and root stems. Rake the lawn and remove the mulch to get rid of thatch.

Don’t forget to aerate your lawn, which involves creating tiny holes in the soil at set intervals and depths. This process ensures that air and water penetrate efficiently to the root of the grass.

Create a Covered Outdoor Space

If a custom-built garden room or living space is not in your budget, consider installing a readymade pergola to create a covered outdoor zone. A pergola can protect you from the sun and the colder weather.

When installing a pergola, make sure there’s ample space around it lest it appears cramped.

Adorn your pergola with fragrant plants like rambling roses, honeysuckle and passionflowers. You can create ample shade by adding Trumpet vine.

Get a Heater and Outdoor Rugs

Investing in an electric heater, fire pit or gas tower is a great way to enjoy the outdoors all through the year. When the nights get cold, you may be tempted to retreat indoors, but having a reliable heating source means you can make the most of the outdoor area.

Your fire pit or electric heater can become a warm focal point of your garden space. Add some chairs, throws, cushions and blankets and you are all set.

Install Lights

Good garden lighting allows you to stay out longer even when the nights draw in. Install fairy lights to create a magical effect. Use LED pedestal lights in the pathways. Use ornamental lanterns on the tables.

Spike lights can be hidden at the bottom of trees or in borders to create a powerful up-light effect. At the same time, you can use spotlights to illuminate features while creating a warm ambiance.

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