How to Look after your Garden in a Heatwave?

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Britain has experienced some ferocious heatwaves in the recent years. Summer is always a challenge when it comes to taking care of your garden, but a heatwave can reduce your garden to a brown dirt patch.

Here are our top tips to protect your garden in a heatwave.

Add mulch

Add a layer of mulch on the topsoil.

Adding a layer of compost or bark mulch will create an excellent barrier during heatwaves, protecting the soil and the roots. In addition to ensuring the soil temperature remains stable, mulch can also offer essential nutrients to the plants during those dry spells.

It’s especially important to cover any surface roots to ensure they don’t burn from the heat. Similarly, be extra generous with veggies that need a lot of water.

Keep potted plants away from the sun

This may seem like a no-brainer. However, we can’t emphasise enough the importance of keeping your potted plants away from the sun where possible. If you do not have any shady corners, consider using shade netting to keep your plants cool. Net curtains are also an excellent alternative.

Water the plants at the right time

During the summer months, it’s important to water the plants at the right time. Early mornings or evenings are the perfect time to water your plants. Watering then when the sun is out in its full glory will result in evaporation and moisture loss. In short, the watering will amount to nothing.

Look out for wilt

When a plant is affected by excessive heat, it will give out clues that it’s struggling. Watch out for wilting leaves or drooping branches as well as yellowed and dry leaves.

The parts of a plant that are the furthest from the roots – namely the leaves – are the ones that are affected foremost and most severely.

Newly planted shrubs, climbers and trees are at higher risk as their root system hasn’t yet reached the point where they are drought-proof.

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