Most effective outdoor heating options for your garden this Autumn

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With the arrival of autumn, the days become shorter, and the temperature begins to drop. However, there’s no reason you cannot make the most of your garden. With the right outdoor heating solutions, you can enjoy the outdoors even in autumn and winter.

Here are some of the most effective outdoor heating options to consider for your garden this autumn.


Usually made of clay, steel or cast iron, a firepit will add a comfortable campfire feel to your outdoor area. Firepits are designed to look like a freestanding fireplace and are sure to become a focal point in your garden.

Firepits are fuelled by wood or charcoal and are available in a range of designs. They work perfectly in small gardens as well as larger outdoor spaces.


A chimenea is a classic outdoor heater that traces its origins in Mexico and is typically made of cast iron, clay or steel. This outdoor heater works much like a potbelly stove, with a wide bottom and a narrow vertical chimney that releases the smoke.

The covered design of a chimenea keeps the fire alight even when it rains so it’s an excellent all-weather option.

Outdoor fireplace

If you are looking to add a focal point in your backyard, an outdoor fireplace can do the trick. Choose from constructed units built with stone or brick or freestanding units to create the desired look and feel.

Modern outdoor fireplaces are available in a variety of options including those that burn charcoal or wood or those powered by natural gas.

Patio heater

A portable patio heater is an excellent option to heat any space. It can be moved wherever it’s needed, allowing you a lot of flexibility. These tall heaters radiate heat out and down, covering a wide area. Patio heaters either use electricity or bottled gas. Small tabletop models are also a great option; they are perfect for an intimate gathering in a small courtyard or a balcony.

Infrared heater

The best part about an infrared heater is that it can be turned on or off as and when required, limiting your energy usage.

Many infrared heaters come with trigger sensors, which turn off automatically when no one’s around.

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