The Importance of Driveway Maintenance in Winter

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Britain is set to witness another freezing winter. Although you may huddle up indoors, your driveway will stay exposed to the inclement weather. Weeks and weeks of snow and ice can have adverse effects on the surface.

Keeping the driveway of your Leeds home clean and well-maintained during winter is important when you want to elongate its life. Not only will winter maintenance improve its durability, but it will also ensure you can enjoy your driveway for years to come without trouble.

Here are our top tips to keep your driveway in good condition in winter.

Clean the Driveway

Getting your driveway neat and clean is the first step to preparing the surface for the winter. Getting rid of all the dirt and stains will ensure the surface is ready to endure the harsh winter months without taking any further damage.

Our professional driveways cleaners in Bradford will remove the leaves and debris off the surface before giving it a good wash. We use a pressure washer to loosen up all the dirt and grime that may have settled since the last clean up.

Repair the Cracks

Any broken spots on the surface will make your driveway prone to water damage. Melting snow or rainwater can seem right through the cracks. As the temperature drops, any moisture settled on the surface will freeze.

As it freezes, water expands, which can put a lot of pressure on the surface, causing the material to shift. And when the ice beneath the surface eventually melts, the pavement will stay displaced.

When you drive or step on those spots, the surface will buckle in all probability. You will end up with a lot of large cracks than you had at the start of winter.

So be sure to fix those little holes and cracks before they pose trouble. Our professional pavers will repair all cracks to ensure lasting results.

Apply Sealant

Sealing the driveway is an important part of winter maintenance. The sealant will fill all tiny cracks whilst creating a protective layer. It can also protect the surface against de-icing chemicals.

The sealant must be applied only after holes, cracks and other damages have been repaired.

Just like crack repairs, this is a job best left to our professionals at Dalesway Paving.

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