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Is cleaning your driveway on your to-do list? Think you can simply sweep away all the dirt or power wash the area and give your driveway a squeaky-clean look? Well, cleaning driveways is not all that simple. Here is what you need to do before, during and after cleaning your driveway.

Check the Driveway thoroughly

Before you begin cleaning your driveway, it’s important to thoroughly inspect the surface. It is easy to find algae, lichen, moss, mould and other organic growth on driveways that have not been cleaned in a long time. Stains and spillages, loose debris and blocks as well as lifting and warping are other things you must look out for.

Stain and Spillage Removal

An oil stain is different from a mud stain and requires different treatment. Use the right stain removal products and follow the manufacturer’s instructions strictly. Identify the source of the spillage and stain and repair them.

Remove Outgrowth and Weeds

Algae, mould and such outgrowth can damage your driveway. Besides getting rid of the outgrowth you need to also take preventive care for the future. Get the right chemical solutions to keep your driveway mould-free.

Check for Re-Sanding and Repairs

Before you use a power washer, you need to take care of damages on your driveway. Look for missing blocks or porous joints. Rainwater and water seepage may make the block paving porous and wash away the jointing sand. You need to top the joints with jointing sand and also repair or replace any damaged areas of the driveway.

Get the Right Cleaning Equipment

You will need the right cleaning equipment such as a jet washer, nozzles, cleaning solutions and detergents. You also need chemical cleaning agents and acids.

Hire a Driveway Cleaning Service for Best Results

By this time, if you have realised that driveway cleaning is not a simple DIY task, you’ve got it right! It needs professional handling by expert technicians. Invest in professional driveway cleaning to keep your driveway in top form.

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