Turning Your Front Garden into Off-street Parking

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When parking space becomes scarce, you really want any extra space that you can use. Turning your front garden into off-street parking seems the ideal thing to do. Here is what you need to know if you want to turn the front garden into an off-street parking spot.

Add Value to Your Property

Rather than make space separately for your vehicles, creating a private parking area just outside your home is a great idea. A home that comes with its very own parking space in the front is definitely rated high in the property market.

Many homeowners feel that instead of a garden, which they have to always take care of, they could do with a parking space that will keep their car safe.

Steps to Change Your Garden into  Parking Space

The first step thing you must do is remove the kerb so you can drive your vehicle effortlessly and safely. The pavement in the front of the house may also need strengthening. If the street just outside your home has lamp-posts, street furniture or even man-hole covers, you may need permission from the local authorities to move them.

You will need professional paving experts to determine if the foundation outside the home will support the weight of the vehicles you want to park. The next step is to get the right materials such as gravel, concrete, paving blocks or porous asphalt.

Planning Permissions

Planning permission is usually needed if you are thinking of laying a non-permeable material including stone or concrete for the driveway and if it measures more than 5 square metres.

Permission also becomes necessary when you want to drop the kerb and the pavement needs strengthening when there are water pipes or other services buried under the ground.

You will need to pay a non-refundable application fee to the local council when you apply for a dropped kerb. You will also need to bear the expenses for the inspection undertaken by the local authority.

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