Why You Need a Dropped Kerb for Your Driveway

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Parking is proving to be a burning issue for car owners across the country, with free spaces hard to come by and more cars being added to the roads. Extending or adding driveways is an excellent solution. Not only do you save yourself from the task of finding a parking space but a you also get to improve the value of your home.

A common question we get from clients looking to install driveways is whether they really need a dropped kerb. The short answer is yes.

Why You Need a Dropped Kerb?

If you want to use a driveway across the footway into a driveway, you need a dropped kerb.

A dropped kerb, also known as a vehicle crossover or footway crossing, is the perfect solution when you want to drive a vehicle from the road across the footway and into your driveway.

To enable this, the kerb is dropped from its normal height and the path is bolstered to handle the weight of the motor vehicle. In the absence of a dropped kerb, the pathway and any pipes beneath it are at risk of being damaged.

Without a dropped kerb, you shouldn’t drive over the footway. Doing so is illegal and you will be liable for any damages caused to the footway. You may also be liable for damages in case of a collision with pedestrians.

How to Apply for a Dropped Kerb Permission?

Before you can install a dropped kerb outside your property, you must obtain a planning permit from your local council. You must also hire an accredited contractor to carry out the work.

  1. Your home must meet the following conditions to be eligible for a dropped kerb:
  2. A tree shouldn’t be blocking the proposed crossing
  3. Your home should not be at a road junction or on a bend
  4. Your home should not be too close to a traffic signal
  5. There’s ample garden area; the motor vehicle should not protrude out onto the footway
  6. There’s ample visibility

Visit your local council to fill out a form. Many councils these days facilitate this online. You simply have to fill out their online form, pay the requisite fees and submit your application.

The council will send out a team for an inspection to ensure the property meets the approval guidelines. Once the application has been approved, you can get the kerb dropped and your new driveway installed.

At Dalesway Paving, we specialise in installing driveways. As an accredited contractor, we can also obtain permits and drop your kerb suitably before installing your driveway. Request a quote today!

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