We have listed a selection of frequently asked questions below, if your question is not listed please contact us

How long will it last?

Our paved driveways and patios will last a long long time and we are able to offer a 10 year guarantee on all work.
Will our drive sink or become uneven?

We pride ourselves on a long lasting quality installation we have various ways to combat different vehicle weights and ground conditions. Please call for a full spec sheet for your drive.
How much do you dig out?

We excavate to a minimum depth of 200mm or until a firm sub base is found.
Does it require any maintenance?

On block paving if our sealant is applied the drive becomes maintenance free. If no sealant is applied you need to keep all joints full of sand.
Will the colour fade on our drive or patio?

If you allow us to place a sealant to your drive or patio it will drastically reduce colour fading.
Will the blocks or flags last?

All of our products come with a 10 year guarantee.
Will we get weeds growing through our driveway?

Weeds never grow through from the sub base. Weeds form between the blocks when sand has washed away. Our policy at Dalesway is to try and make all of our clients seal their drive with our special sand setting solution, which stops any mud and weeds forming between the blocks, ensuring a perfect looking driveway at all times.

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