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Building a garden pond is not only great for relaxation, it offers myriad environmental benefits to your garden.

Water is an essential part of any garden. In the absence of water, your plants would die. However, there’s more to water than nourishment. A pond can turn your garden into your private Zen space that adds serenity and life to your backyard.

With the help of our landscaping services, a garden pond can be an easy addition to your garden. Whether you build a wildlife pond, a koi pond or a small pond with a beautiful water feature, there are several benefits to installing a garden pond.

Visual appeal

A garden pond can instantly beautify your garden while creating a focal point in your landscape. Your garden pond can be tailored to your garden and budget and you can choose from an array of materials like stone, concrete or liner kits. What’s more, garden ponds change with the season, thereby creating year-round interest.

A hub for relaxation

When you add a garden pond, you create a dedicated place for relaxation. The sound of a backyard waterfall or water feature can help create a sense of relaxation and peace while helping to reduce your stress.

The white-noise is sure to cut out the sounds of traffic that’s all pervasive in rural areas. If you live in a city with temperate climates, a backyard can offer a refreshing spot to cool off.

A garden pond boosts biodiversity

A pond is nothing short of a biodiversity hotspot. Even a small pond can dramatically improve the prevalence of dragonflies and other insects that help maintain ecological balance of your garden.

Garden ponds harbour a wide range of wildlife including pond snails, frogs, dragonflies, caddisflies, mayflies, damselflies, water beetles, zooplankton and newts.

Ponds are an important drinking watering hole for a range of animals that come to feast on the insects that gather around a pond. They become an important source of biodiversity both within the water body and around its edges.

Ponds help improve the lighting in your garden

A water body is reflective, which means it can reflect the sun’s rays around the garden. This is especially wonderful for shady garden.

Add a pond in a spot that sees a lot of sun, and the dark spots of your garden are sure to brighten up, which in turn, helps plants thrive. What’s more, there’s nothing better than watching the sunlight reflective off the surface of water.

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